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Moose - Alces Alces

The Alaska Moose (Alces Alces Gigas) is the largest member of the deer family. Adult males can weigh between 1,000 to 1,300 pounds, while adult females average 800 pounds.

Bull moose grow new antlers every year in the Spring and shed them every Winter. Young bull moose start with tiny antlers.

Moose are a common sight in Alaska, even in large cities such as Anchorage. Go to the Moose Map to see the moose distribution.

Moose Silhouette

Young Bull Moose

Bull Moose Denali Park

In spite of their tame appearance, they are quite dangerous especially during the rutting season and when a cow moose has a calf.

Moose and Calf

Moose Calf

Moose are among the many types of wildlife browsing the Anchorage hillside. There are frequent moose encounters all year round. Here is a series of pictures from spring to late summer.

Moose Eating Fireweed
Baby Moose Relaxing

First Year Baby Moose

Several Months Later

Pictures of baby moose from spring to late summer.

Baby Moose Suckling

A happy moose exploring the flower fields in the Anchorage area.

Family Time

Newborn Moose

A cute newly born Moose takes its first steps and ventures into the woods under mother's watchful eyes.

Big Bull Moose

A Bull Moose with a big rack roams the Alaskan bush during rutting season, looking for a mate. It is seen below, displaying the flehmen behavior as it smells pheromones from a cow Moose in the vincinity.

Flehmen Response

Young Bull Moose in a Grass Field

Autumn is well underway, and the grass has turned a warm shade of pink under the sun light. A handsome young Bull Moose makes a startling entrance.

Moose on the Tundra

Denali Park in the fall is just as colorful. The red tundra, which blankets the rolling hills, makes a beautiful backdrop for wildlife enthusiasts. The Moose saw me and stopped to get its picture taken before disappearing in the wilderness.

Big Racks

I stumble across a few venerable Bull Moose in the Fall, just before the beginning of mating season. Don't stand in their way when they're in a rut.

Sometimes the racks are so big that they don't even fit in the picture anymore. That's when you know you are getting a little too close ...

Flehmen Response

During rutting season, Bull Moose sometimes lift their head and sniff the air to detect pheromones from nearby females.

This behavior, which is called the Flehmen response, is not limited to Moose, but is in fact attributed to many other mammals.

Bull Moose in the Evening Light

These young Bull Moose show off their new set of antlers one more time just before the end of the day, as the evening sun casts a warm light on their shiny fur. Tomorrow might be their lucky day.

Another Young Bull Moose (right) with a slightly bigger rack and Cow Moose (far right) wander in the same area not very far from each other.

Moose up Close and Personal

Hidden in the tall grass, the young Moose appears very shy.

Moose in the Snow

Moose grazes the frozen landscape in the winter.

Moose and Sleeping Lady

Moose Reflection on a Pond

In interior Alaska in late summer, this Cow Moose leads her calf to a pond. When deemed safe, the calf leaves the cover of the thick bush and approaches the edge of the water to take a drink.

Cow Moose are very protective of their little ones, so close encounters with humans can be dangerous.

Moose calf at the pond


Moose playing peek-a-boo with the photographer behind a branch.
It's the middle of the winter and food is getting scarce for this urban Moose, especially when the grass is covered up by a thick layer of snow. The Moose is seen munching on the bark of a tree branch in the Anchorage area.

Moose in a Pond

Ponds are good locations to find Moose and other wildlife. This cow Moose came for a drink and to dig up a few plant roots for an evening snack. Pictures taken in interior Alaska during the summer.

Moose in the Marsh

It's mid October in the Anchorage area. A pair of young bull Moose are wandering in the marsh, foraging for food in the shallow waters before the big freeze.

Bull and Cow Moose

A big Bull Moose and its Cow were spotted in Denali park during one of our hikes in the wilderness. They were less than 20 yards away, and a small bush was the only thing that separated me from these huge animals. Anytime they would look in my direction, I felt smaller and smaller ...

Bull Moose in Denali Park

Bull Moose with antlers during mating season in the park.

Blue Landscape

Moose Crossing

All traffic comes to a stop when Moose cross the road.


Moose on the Denali tundra in the fall.

Moose and Magpie

Various Moose Pictures

Moose & Calf

Moose and calf in Anchorage.

Anchorage & Fairbanks Area


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