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Tundra Swans are migratory birds. There are 3 types of Swans migrating to Alaska in the Spring:

          - Trumpeter Swans
          - Tundra Swans
          - Whooper Swans

Trumpeter and Tundra Swans are the more common types in Alaska, while Whooper Swans can be found in rather small numbers in the Aleutian Islands.

Tundra Swan Description

Tundra and Trumpeter Swans are quite similar in appearance, but look closely, and you will find a few differences.

Tundra Swans are smaller with an average length of 53 inches (versus 60 inches), and a wingspan of approximately 75 inches (versus 90 inches).

They often have a yellow dot on the side of the bill. However, the lack of yellow dot alone is not sufficient in indentifying a species because Tundra Swans don't always have that characteristic.

Tundra Swans taking off from an icy pond...

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of this Tundra Swan taking off >

Tundra Swan Migration & Habitat

The Tundra Swan population is composed of 2 main migratory groups:

    - the Western group migrates to Alaska from California, Washington State and British Columbia.

    - the Eastern group migrates to Alaska from the Carolinas, Virginia and neighboring mid-Atlantic states.

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Tundra Swans in Flight

Graceful Swans attend to their feathers just before take off.

Tundra Swan taking off
to the next adventure...


Tundra Swans in an Icy World

White on white, the Tundra Swans blend magically in the backdrop of the pristine frozen lake. There is no doubt, they trully belong here...

This pair of Tundra Swans is resting from a long migration. They will continue their journey further north to their breeding grounds.

A few stretches, and they are now getting ready to leave.

Continuing their Journey North...

The sun is low on the horizon, but the Swans are still hundreds of miles away from the promised land. They need to reach the shores of the Beaufort Sea where they nest.

Tundra Swans taking off in the spring at sunset...

Tundra Swans

Snowy Mountains

Tundra Swans flying over the snowy mountains of Alaska. What a sight ...

Tundra Swans Taking Off

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Tundra Swan in Flight

Sighting near the City

Tundra Swans can also be seen in the Anchorage area. This pair enjoyed a lay over in the city.


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