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The Red Fox is not among the largest wildlife in Alaska, but it certainly is a beautiful animal with its reddish fur, and long fluffy tail.

Below, a Red Fox is spotted North of the Arctic Circle. The evening sun casts a soft light on the Fox's fur.

Adult Red Fox in the Arctic

A Pair of Fox Kits, Katmai

  Common Name:
  Scientific Name:
  Red Fox
  Vulpes vulpes
  Carnivore (also Omnivorous)
  North America, Europe, Asia
  Adult Length:
  Adult Weight:
  Body: 32 inches. Tail: 20 inches
  10 to 16 pounds

They can be very skiddish and often take off when they first see you from a distance. A few however, are of the curious kind ...

Red Fox Kit

Fox Kit on the Tundra

This Red Fox Kit, curled into a small ball of fur, enjoys an afternoon on the fresh green tundra of the Alaska Peninsula in late summer.

This Fox kit is one of 3 brothers wandering in the safe zone around their den.

Red Fox in the Snow

A resident Red Fox wanders along a stream during the winter in South Central Alaska.

Red Fox on the Snow

Red Fox Laying on the Snow

Red Fox Behaviour

Active during the day, they forage for a variety of food including rodents, small birds, and insects. Rabbits are among their favorite preys, but surprisingly, their diet also extends to the plant world such as berries and other small fruits. Red Foxes are in fact omnivorous and have to rely on anything they can find in order to survive, especially in harsh arctic conditions.

Red Foxes usually hunt alone within the territory they claim. Because they can not ingest a large quantity of food in their relatively small stomach, they will bury what they can't immediately eat in many different caches.

Red Fox in Alaska

It's late in the afternoon in September, and the sun will soon set under the horizon. This Red Fox suddenly peeks at us from behind a rock and crosses the road.

The long shadows and the warm light make for an interesting photo session.

He didn't mind sitting in the middle of the road. Afterall, we're almost in the middle of nowhere ...

Breeding Habits

Red Foxes usually find their mate in late fall, and raise a litter of 3 to 5 pups in underground dens. They breed every year.


Red Fox Portraits

Red Fox on the Snow

Red Fox wandering on the snow in South Central Alaska. In late fall, the fox will grow a thicker fur in preparation for the cold winter months.

Red Fox Up Close

This Red Fox, spotted in late fall, lives in the arctic region of Alaska. Day time temperature is dropping fast, and the weather conditions become increasingly difficult.

Foraging for food, he is checking under rocks hoping to catch a small rodent.

Late Fall in the Arctic


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