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Oil Painting & Watercolor Effects

This entire gallery is dedicated to showcasing Artwork of Alaska Landscape, Scenes & Wildlife through the eyes of a Painter. The Artwork has an oil painting or watercolor effect and is printed on photographic paper (not on canvas). The Artwork is not actual Oil Paintings - they only mimic their visual effect.

All Artwork originates from actual subjects captured by Go2Moon Alaska Photographers throughout their adventures in the Great North. Browsing this gallery of "Oil Painting" Artwork is a wonderful way to discover the beauty that Alaska has to offer.

Oil Painting Landscapes

Abraham Lake rendered in Oil Paintings.

Alaska in Oil Painting

From landscapes to wildlife, to wildflowers, this gallery of Artwork is showing the many sides of Alaska: breathtaking Denali Park sceneries, mighty Coastal Brown Bears and delicate Pyrola flowers are transformed into soothing impressionist renditions of nature.

Viewers beware, however, the swirling strokes of the brush will relentlessly draw you into the Artwork, as if it had a mysterious hypnotising effect ...

Elk Oil Paintings

Elks are turned into oil painting or water color effects.


Sandpipers migrate to the Copper River Delta every spring.

At the peak of the migration, thousands of Sandpipers congregate on the sandy beaches of Cordova. They are seen roosting during the low tide (right).

Trumpeter Swans

Trumpeter Swans taking off from a pond in South Central Alaska.


A Bull Moose proudly displays its antlers during the fall.

Brown Bears

The iconic Alaska Brown Bear is also part of our Oil Painting collection.

Left: A Brown Bear on the hunt for Caribou in Denali Park.

Caribou Oil Painting

Caribou usually roam the Alaska landscape in large herds. This lone Caribou with majestic antlers is spotted on the colorful tundra during the Fall. Denali Park provides a wonderful backdrop for enjoying Caribou and other wildlife viewing.

Bohemian Waxwings

Resident Bohemian Waxwings feed on small frozen fruits to sustain themselves through the harsh Alaskan winter.


Semipalmated Plovers in Alaska in the Spring.

Ground Squirrel Oil Painting

Cute Arctic Ground Squirrels are rendered into Oil Paintings.

Porcupine Oil Painting

Porcupines are also rendered into oil paintings. Porcupines eat bark from trees and bushes. They are often elusive.

Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill Cranes are turned into mesmorizing oil painting or water color effects.

Alaska Wild Flowers

Alaska Wild Flower oil painting and water color effects.


These alpine Rabbits inhabit the mountain slopes of Alaska.

Alaska Landscapes



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