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There are 3 type of Marmots living in Alaska:
      - Hoary Marmot
      - Woodchuck Marmot
      - Alaska Marmot

The Hoary Marmot is the largest, with an average weight of 19 lbs, and a total length of about 28 inches.

By contrast, the Woodchuck Marmot is the smallest of the 3, weighing in at just 5 lbs. The Alaska Marmot is around 10 lbs, and approximately 24 inches in total length.

Hoary Marmots have a mostly grey fur with a characteristic white patch on the face, which is lacking on the Alaska Marmots.

  Common Name:
  Scientific Name:
  Hoary Marmot
  Marmota caligata
  Alaska & Northern America
  25 to 30 in (without tail)
  10 to 20 lbs

Marmots Kissing

Hoary Marmots are social animals. They often greet each other with a kiss when they meet.

Young Marmot on the Grass

Hoary Marmot Photos

Photos of Hoary Marmots taken in South Central Alaska. Marmots can usually be found in mountainous areas. They are most active in early morning and late afternoon when they feed on grass, roots, lichens and berries. Marmots are herbivores.

Young Hoary Marmot
Adult Hoary Marmot
Baby Marmot

Marmots Kissing

They need to get the most of the short summer to build up enough reserves for the winter months ahead. Hoary Marmots hibernate.

Marmot Habits and Habitat

Hoary Marmots live in burrows on rocky mountain slopes. They usually band in groups which allows them to keep an eye on predators such as foxes and eagles.

Unlike Pikas which remain active in winter, Hoary Marmots go through long periods of hibernation lasting 7 to 8 months out of the year. A typical hibernation is from September to April.

Marmot on a Rock

Marmot climbs on a rock to enjoy the view.

Marmots Kissing...

Marmots are known to be very social animals. Greeting and kissing are part of their daily routines.

Hoary Marmots

Marmots like to lie on the grass or on rocky mountain sides for hours.

Hoary Marmot Reproduction

Mating occurs in April-May time frame, shortly after they get out of their state of hibernation. Females breed every other year, and will raise 2 to 5 offsprings.

Marmots Greeting and Kissing

Young Hoary Marmot


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