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Arctic Ground Squirrels are quite abundant in the tundras of Alaska and Canada. They can also be found in Siberia.

They live and reproduce in underground colonies. During the summer and early fall, they eat as much food as possible in preparation for the long winter hibernation.

Ground Squirrel Eating Flower
On the Snow

Ground Squirrel in the Fall

Ground Squirrel Eye

  Common Names:
  Scientific Name:
  Arctic Ground Squirrel
  Spermophilus Parryii
  North America, Northern Eurasia
  15 inches
  2 pounds

They feed on a variety of grass, flowers, mushroom, seeds and roots. By late fall, they become visibly chubby.

In the Native Inuit language, Arctic Ground Squirrels are called "Sicsic".

Angry Ground Squirrel
Ground Squirrel in the Spring

Santa Squirrel

Ground Squirrel With Dirt

Arctic Ground Squirrel on the Snow

In the northern parts of Alaska around the Arctic Circle, the snow has already covered the ground in the Fall. An Arctic Ground Squirrel is spotted near its burrow, as it prepares for the upcoming Winter hibernation.

Ground Squirrel Peeking Out
Standing on the Snow

Ground Squirrel

Just out of hibernation: In this photo series below, this Arctic Ground Squirrel is eager to roam the snowy mountain sides. But being on a blanket of fresh white powder, the Squirrel knows it can easily be spotted.

Ground Squirrel Running on Snow

Going from rock to rock, it makes a mad dash to safety.

Squirrel in Early Spring

It's early spring in Alaska and the blanket of white snow slowly disappears to reveal the golden grass below. The Arctic Ground Squirrel is getting acquainted again with its more familiar surroundings.

In the next few weeks, the ground will transform into a lush green habitat.

Green Landscape

The dry golden tundra has turned a rich green color. Flowers, fresh grass and lichens cover the mountain sides.

Bottom left: The Arctic Ground Squirrel has long sharp claws.

Gathering Food

It's now the peak of the summer, and the alpine vegetation is providing a good source of nutrient. The Arctic Ground Squirrel is not wasting any time trying to stockpile its food for the leaners days ahead.

The gluttonous Squirrel is shoving a huge batch of grass in its mouth with both hands.

Making Faces

This Arctic Ground Squirrel is trying to get my attention by calling and making all sorts of faces.

Ground Squirrels

Mountain Pass

Cute Arctic Squirrels pop up from the ground and disappear as fast as they appeared.

Late Fall

Arctic Ground Squirrels have been busy all summer gathering as much food as possible before the cold weather sets in. They are getting chubby, but still running very fast.

Ground Squirrel Portraits

Supermodels posing for the camera.

Another Day in Squirrel Village

It was a foggy morning but the Ground Squirrels were as active as ever in late Summer.


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