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People, the Other Side of Alaska

Alaska offers beautiful landscapes and great wildlife viewing opportunities. But on this page, we are widening our lenses to include the human aspect, because Alaska is also about the great people living here.

These candid photos of residents and tourists in the city or in the wilderness will give you an idea of "how life is in Alaska".

Sometimes, it's life on the edge, but at other times, it's just life as usual ...

Top: Picking Blueberries at Hatcher Pass.

Left: Thousands of Snow Geese take off at the same time in front of Bird Watchers.

Fun in a Lupin Field

Jumping in mid-air in a Lupin field.

Moose Encounter

Alaska is a great place to photograph Moose in the wild. However, don't get too close to these huge animals as they can become dangerously unpredictable. It is wiser to keep a safe distance from the Moose or to remain in your vehicle as they approach in your direction.

Above: A huge Bull Moose spotted in Denali Park triggers a typical human response - humans suddenly gather in a tight group and begin emitting strange "Ooooh" and "Aa...hhhh" sounds. Repeated "clicking" sounds are also heard.

Couple at Sunset

This young couple enjoys a romantic evening along the Anchorage inlet. The sunset paints a beautiful backdrop of pastel colors over the mountains in a distance ...

This peaceful scene was taking place while Mt. Redoubt was blowing ash and steam a little to the left of the photo.

Dipnetting on the Kenai Peninsula

Every July, hundreds of Alaska Residents gather at the mouth of the Kenai river to dipnet sockeye salmon. Armed with a five foot hoop attached to a long pole, Dipnetters immerse themselves up to their chest, trying to catch salmon as they swim along the beach.

The Kenai dipnet fishery requires a personal use permit from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. The bag limit is 25 salmon for the permit holder and 10 salmon for each additional household member.

People on the Beach

In the summer, Alaskans cherish their time on the beach, playing, walking along the water or taking a ride on their ATV's. Photos taken at various locations on the Kenai Peninsula.

Clam Gulch & Ninilchik

Digging Razor Clams on Cook Inlet. The sandy beaches at Clam Gulch and Ninilchik on the Kenai Peninsula teem with activity at low tide.

Using a shovel or a clam gun, you can easily get your bag limit of 60 razor clams per day (120 max in posession per person).

Bear Encounter in Alaska

Right: Uh-oh... A group of hikers take a rest in Hallo Bay, when they are spotted by a couple of hungry Brown Bears from a distance.

Below: A Grizzly Bear suddenly stops all traffic in Denali Park. It becomes an instant attraction.

Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing is fairly popular in Alaska. This extreme adventurer is ascending a frozen waterfall in the Anchorage vincinity.

Eagle Interaction

Close encounter with Bald Eagles in Homer, Alaska. With his kayak, a boy carefully approaches 2 Eagles on the shoreline.

Bald Eagles fly by on-lookers on the board walk at Potter's Marsh, Anchorage.

Paparazzi's following Bald Eagles on the beach.

River Fishing

Fishing, a favorite among Alaskan Summer activities. Salmon, Trout and Grayling abound in the rivers of Alaska.

Right: A hardcore fisherman in the bone chilling waters of the Kenai River in March. This cold and windy day did not deter him from casting his line. Who said fishing is not an extreme sport?

People and Mount McKinley

Cyclists take a ride in Denali Park while enjoying the view of Mount McKinley. Strangely enough, so do a few time travelers from the 1960's era.

People in the Alaskan Landscape

People often look tiny in a vast landscape, but sometimes when the conditions are right, we can see "tall people" too.

Floating Down the Kenai River

A beautiful October day on the Kenai river. The leaves have turned bright yellow and the mountain tops have turned white. It's nature's reminder that Winter is definitely on it's way, but we take a few moments to enjoy the last few days in the Fall on this relaxing trip ...

Caribou Encounter

Caribou road crossing are frequent in the Summer and Fall. Use caution while driving at night in Alaska.
A herd of Caribou is waiting alongside the roadway before crossing.

Wolfman in the City

Half man, half wolf, the legendary Wolfman makes an appearance in the big city.

The seemingly fierce wolf personality actually hides a big smile during the festivities at the Annual Anchorage Fur Rondy.

Always Something to Look at

These are common scenes in Alaska during the tourist season: cars parked on the side of the road as a result of a Bear, Moose or other wildlife sighting ...


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